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Lawndale Rotary Bulletin December 28th, 2011

Chartered May 13, 1952
first in the Rotary World to have 100% Benefactors
a Club of Distinction:  Has Produced Five District Governors
a Club with 296 Paul Harris Fellows – A 100% Paul Harris Fellow Club.
The object of Rotary is “To encourage and foster
the ideal of service as a basis of worthy enterprise.”
1.  Is it the TRUTH?
2.  Is it FAIR to all concerned?
4.  Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

Rotary International and District Officers
Rotary International Theme – Reach Within to Embrace Humanity
R.I. President Kalyan Banerjee, Rotary Club of Vapi, India
R.I. Director, Zones 23, 24 Ken Boyd Rotary Club of Kerman, CA
Governor District 5280 –  Brad Robinson, Rotary club of Beverly Hill
Governor-Elect District 5280 – Lew Bertrand, Rotary Club of Palos Verdes Sunset
Governor Nominee – District 5280, Jim Dyer, Rotary Club of Santa Monica
Lawndale Board of Directors
President – Quynh Tran
President-Elect –Deborah Holland
Past President – Kevin Paul
Secretary – – Shirley Giltzow
Treasurer – Bob Zappelli
Club Service – Programs: Deborah Holland
Vocational Service – Deborah Holldand
Community Service – Sandra Horwitz
Youth Service –Ellen Dougherty
International Service  – Bob & Hedy Downing
Foundation – Jim Hama, Bulletin Editor – Mindy StogsdiCalled to order at 12:15 by President-Elect Debbie Holland

Membership Scorecard
Membership to date – 17
Honorary members – 5
Leaves of Absence –

Jim Hamai, Bob & Hedy Downing, Shirley Giltzow, Debbie Holland, Joe McMahon, Mindy Stogsdill, Bev Teresinski, Gerry White, Bob Zappelli and Sandra Horwitz

Guests Dominic Valencia who was also our speaker and Melissa McCollum, head librarian of Lawndale Library

Invocation Shirley Giltzow

Flag Salute Debbie Holland

Song My Country ‘Tis of Thee (haven’t song that one in a long time!)

Club Calendar

Jan. 5th Meeting a RJ’s. No speaker – BOARD MEETING
Jan. 10th      District Breakfast
Jan. 12th      DARK for District Breakfast on Jan. 10th
Jan. 19th – Janice Givens, Lawndale Historian on the history of Lawndale

Mark your calendars for some dates next year:
Feb or Mar. – Career Day at ECHS
Feb – another graffiti wipe-out
March 24th – City Clean up day
-4/28 – Youth Day Parade

District Calendar:

-1/10 7:00 a.m. Westin LAX District Breakfast- with Rotary Foundation General Manager John Osterlund Register by January 4th to get the early bird rate of $34. After the 4th, the price goes up to $39.
1/25 – President’s Dinner
2/28 – Pre-P.E.T.S.
-2/8-2/13, 2012 – District International Trip to Puerto Rico
-4/19-4/22, 2012 – District Conference
-4/27–4/29, 2012– RYLA in Arrowhead, San Bernardino Mountains
-5/6–5/9, 2012, Rotary International Convention in Bangkok, Thailand

Birthdays in December
L.J. Stogsdill 12/8 (sp)
Ellen Dougherty 12/15

Wedding Anniversaries in Dec. (NONE) Induction Anniversaries in Dec. (None)

Packages to our troops – This is an ongoing project. Shirley advised that there will be a new contact, a woman, as the Major we were dealing with will be heading back to the states. Their unit calls us the “Packeteers” – let’s keep it going.

Multi-Club Casino Night – tentative date has been set for March 31, 2012. Will possibly be held at the new Lawndale Community Center

Updated Roster – Mindy is in the process of gathering corrected information to update the club roster. Last chance to update your info. If any changes are needed that haven’t been given to her already, please email her immediately. She’s hoping to get the completed update to you following the New Year

Adopted Family – Debbie told how she and Dominic delivered our donations to our adopted family. They were very appreciative. They also delivered to a family through the Operation Homefront organization helping families of serving military.

Silent Greeter: None Today

Program: Our meeting tonight was held at the Lawndale Library. Lt. Dominic Valencia with the LA County Sheriff’s Dept was our speaker. He spoke to us about the Taskforce for Regional Auto Theft Protection or TRAP. It is made up of 8 organizations: Vernon PD, El Monte PD, LASD, LAPD, LA City DDA, Long Beach PD, Glendale PD and the City of LA. The taskforce has 30 investigators and some support staff which covers all of LA County and deals strictly with stolen cars – not stuff stolen out of cars but the cars themselves. It is funded by DMV registration fees – $1 from each registration goes to the taskforce.

Auto thefts peaked in 2003 at 75,236 and have now decreased to 46,710. Dom attributes this to technology – “smart” programmed keys and chips make it harder for thieves to “shave” keys but there is an increase in identity theft and fraud. Older cars are easier to steal due to wear on the ignition and ability to shave keys. Favorite cars of thieves are 1995 Toyota Camrys and 1995 Honda Civics because there are a lot of them out there, they are well made and last a long time.

Dom showed us a clip from the TV program, “Bait Car” where an unattended, spiffy Camry or work truck or civic is left running with the keys in it – enticing crooks to steal it. The vehicle is decked out with GPS, audio and hidden cameras and a kill switch on the engine. When the crooks steal the car, everything is recorded and they are caught a couple blocks away and taken to jail. So far this season 50 thieves are behind bars. The takers have usually already been on probation or out on parole when they steal the car.

Identity theft is related in that the crooks get fake IDs and paystubs, complete a false application at a dealership and with no money down drive a new car off the lot having spent -0- Then they go to banks and get loans with the car as collateral.

Another crime is “subleasing” where they approach someone looking to sell their car or get out of a lease. They offer to sublease the car – make all their remaining lease payments and give the owner a kickback. This is illegal. They then work with a corrupt DMV person who “washes” the title i.e., clearing the lienholder and/or changing the name of the title owner. They can do this several times before they get rid of the car one last time.

Chop shops are still in business and auto theft “rings” are usually Mafia related. Dom said you don’t see too many cars from our area winding up in Mexico but it is prolific in San Diego and along the Texas border.

How to protect yourself? Always lock your car, NEVER leave it running with the keys in it and unattended, no matter how short a time. Dom also advocates requiring a thumbprint ID on registrations…hoping this comes into play in the near future.

Thanks, Dom for a very interesting program.

Fines!! None Today

Raffle Mindy donated a lovely floral centerpiece which was one by Gerry who then gifted it to Shirley. Nice! Bob Downing also distributed more of his chayote.

Meeting Adjourned around at 1:35 PM Respectfully submitted by Mindy Stogsdill

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