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Are you a potential speaker? Are you a potential member? Or do you just have a question or comment to share with our club? Please send us an email at or complete this Speaker Application and someone will respond to you shortly. Below is the list of officers for our club this year. Feel free to ask to be directed to a particular member if needed.

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2016-2017 Rotary Club of Lawndale

Board Officers, Avenues of Service Directors, Committee Chairs, and Support Champions

Board Officers

  • President on Record: Sandy Y. Rodriguez
      • 1st Term: Sandy Y. Rodriguez (July/Aug/September/October)
      • 2nd Term: Raquel Paez & Lucy Tseng (November/December/January/February)
      • 3rd Term: All Club Members (March/April/May/June)
  • President – Elect 2016-2017: Lucy Tseng
  • Treasurer: Sandra Horowitz (with Raquel Paez)
  • Secretary: Marcela Pak

Avenue of Service Directors

  • International: Raquel Paez (with Hedy Downing with Bob Downing)
  • Community: Sonia Escamilla (with Joe McMahon)
  • Vocational: Francis Villalpando (with Mindy Stogsdill)
  • New Generation: Raquel Paez (with Ellen Dougherty & Sonia Escamilla)

Committee Chairs

  • Club Membership: Marcela Pak
  • Peace: Marcela Pak
  • Foundation: Shirley Giltzow
  • Publicity: Lucy Tseng
      • Press Releases: Beverly Teresinski
      • Website: Lucy Tseng
      • Event Planning: Sonia Escamilla
  • Club Service: Lucy Tseng (All)

Support Champions

  • Mail: Hedy and Bob Downing
  • Sunshine: Hedy Downing
  • Fine Master: Marcela Pak

5 Rotary Event

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