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Rotary Club of Lawndale Supports Eagle Scout

Will Rogers GardenThe Rotary Club of Lawndale is sponsoring a local garden project lead by Eagle Scout Candidate, Kyle Kelly from BSA Troop 927. Kyle and his crew kicked off the Prep work yesterday at Will Rogers Middle School in Lawndale.

The project will restore a garden at the school that was installed several years ago by Sharefest Community Development and OCF Church of El Segundo. Unfortunately, the Master Gardener that was in charge of leading the students and maintaining the garden moved and the garden became overgrown, essentially abandoned.

Kyle Kelly saw the opportunity to bring it back. In a creative effort of bringing numerous community stake holders together, Kyle asked the RAP (Reaching Your Amazing Potential) after school program at Will Rogers to take responsibility for maintaining the garden once it is restored. He has worked the Lawndale Elementary School District, the Rotary Club of Lawndale, and Sharefest to bring together his small army of volunteers and organizations to see this project completed.

As volunteers began cleaning the garden yesterday in preparation for the May 3rd Sharefest workday, students on the campus were excitedly asking if the garden was coming back. Students participating in the RAP came by and expressed their commitment to maintaining the garden going forward.

Eagle Scout Candidate Kyle Kelly

Eagle Scout Candidate Kyle Kelly

The Rotary Club of Lawndale is proud to be sponsoring Kyle, and partnering with Sharefest to bring this garden back.

If you would like to volunteer for this project May 3rd go to
to register.

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