We’re Baaack!

Ok, it has been a while since we have put up some new information here.
There was the fireworks stand which took a great deal of effort and support from all our Lawndale Rotary members, a district breakfast, and now we are starting to get back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Our fearless leader, Ernie Villareal, has two meetings under his belt, and is handing out fines like they are candy.

At today’s meeting we had the opportunity to watch a video about some work that Rotary did in New Orleans after Katrina to help re-open a local school.

The video was a starting point for a brief discussion of the impact our club has had and can continue to have in our local schools through continued funding as well as increased participation. Volunteering to read to elementary School students in Lawndale is an opportunity each of us should consider. My own experience volunteering in this way has taught me a lot about the impact and value of this type of effort. My recommendation is that we should all get a copy of Shel Silverstein’s “Where the Sidewalk Ends”, to read to or give to a young student.

One of my favorites was “The Little Blue Engine”

So now that we are all excited about reading, let’s plan to attend the upcoming District Literacy Breakfast August 9th.

See you next week!

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